Bank Services

Mission Statement

To provide your bank with a "turn-key" SBA Department that is both sustainable and profitable while providing outstanding service to bank customers, branch personnel and referral network.

Services Provided

  • Credit Policy Development
  • SBA Certifications
  • Structuring & Underwriting
  • Sale of SBA Guaranteed Percentage
  • SBA "Mock" Audits
  • Procedures
  • Closing
  • Loan Presentation
  • Post Closing Review
  • Liquidation
  • Marketing Materials
  • Packaging & Processing
  • Business Development
  • Portfolio Management
  • Personnel Training


Business Bio

Nationwide Capital was founded in 1993 by Paul J. Messina.  Since its inception in 1993 Nationwide Capital has been the "SBA Loan Department" for several banks.  This has allowed the banks to have a SBA Department without the costs associated with a full time experienced SBA staff.  The estimated cost for an experienced SBA staff is approximately $400,000 plus benefits.  Nationwide Capital provides a "turn-key" SBA Program and Department managing all aspects of SBA lending with an experienced staff thus ensuring all SBA regulations are adhered to as per the SBA SOP.  The bank will be responsible for the approval as per their internal lending approval guidelines.  

Nationwide Capital is an approved Lender Service Provider (LSP) by the SBA.  All prior LSP agreements have been approved by the SBA. 

The SBA Departments/Programs were all inclusive from inception of all aspects of SBA lending ranging from Express, 7(a) to 504 lending.  This included creating and implementing SBA loan policy and procedures, marketing strategy, business development strategies, processing, underwriting, closing, portfolio management, training of bank personnel, interviewing and hiring of personnel, loan presentation to the respective credit officer/loan committee for approval along with the daily management of the department, program and staff.  

Reasons to Have a SBA Program

SBA Programs can be very profitable when managed properly.  

Benefits to Bank

  • SBA Premiums
  • Limited Bank Exposure
  • Limited Startup Expenses
  • No Startup Delays
  • CRA Credits
  • Limited Capital Needed
  • No Interest Rate Sensitivity
  • Return on Capital
  • Loans in excess of Legal Lending Limit 

Why Nationwide Capital

Nationwide Capital has a proven track record with establishing seven banks in the SBA program over the years.

The scope of the work preformed by Nationwide Capital can be all inclusive or partial depending on the bank's needs and objectives.  

  • Established Lender Service Provider
  • Management Experience: 37 years in the SBA arena
  • Department Expenses: Nationwide Capital provides a "turn key" SBA Department which eliminates the need for an "in-house" SBA Department therefore saving thousands in salary expenses, health benefits, vacations and sick days for current/future employees.  These costs are incurred by the bank whether SBA loans are generated and closed thus producing no income to offset the expense.
  • Bank Fees: Nationwide Capital's fees are determined based upon the scope of work completed for the bank.
  • SBA SOP: The bank will have peace of mind that all SBA loans are structured, processed, underwritten, closed and serviced as per the SBA SOP therefore ensuring the SBA guaranty will remain intact for the life of the  loan.
  • Data Security: All emails are secure and encrypted therefore ensuring the information remains secure.  Nationwide Capital complies with the Graham-Leach Bliley Act including SSAE 16 to protect the sensitivity of information of the Bank and their Client.  In addition, the company has a Data Security Policy in place to enhance the level of security and provide an additional source of assurance to the bank.
  • Errors & Omissions Policy: Nationwide Capital also maintains an Errors & Omissions Policy in the amount of $1,000,000.
  • "Mock Audit": Provide SBA "Mock Audit" of existing SBA portfolio prior to an audit by the SBA.
  • Current status report of all loans provided weekly.
  • Obtain bids in the secondary market for the sale of the guaranteed portion.
  • Prepare all required paperwork for the sale of the guaranteed portion in the secondary market.